Share the Square Proposal

Current Proposal & Next Steps


Below is a report back on Councilors Raynolds and Pearson’s proposed “Pedestrian Experiment” involving the opening of various downtown streets to non-vehicular traffic only - also known as the "Share the Square" initiative. The initial proposal has evolved in response to various input; staff and the Councilors worked together to bring forward a program that preserves the spirit of the proposal, but changes many of its original details.

The revised proposal is to run an Open Streets program for two consecutive Sunday afternoons in the Fall, September 29th and October 6th, from Noon to 5 p.m. These dates were intended to target an off-peak weekend day, when traffic volumes are lower and demand for parking is less.  In addition, these Sundays appear to have no obvious conflicts with other scheduled events on the City’s Community Calendar. Streets to be limited to non-vehicular traffic include (also shown in the map below):

  • Daniel St. from Penhallow to Market Square, Market St. from Bow to Market Square, Congress St. from Market Square to High St., and Pleasant St. from Porter St. to Market Square. 
  • Congress St. will be converted to accept two-way traffic from Fleet St. to High St., and both High St. and Ladd St. will also be two-way.  The portion of Porter from Pleasant St. to Church St. will reverse in direction.  No changes to Bow are recommended.

The next Report Back to City Council will occur at the June 3rd City Council meeting

*The above photo was taken by Philip Case Cohen

City Council Report Back: April 10, 2019

Proposed Area