Islington Street Corridor Reconstruction Project

Traffic Patterns

State Street in the work area is closed intermittently, with a detour around the construction.

Islington Phase 2

Design work on Phase 2 is ongoing. The City bid out the Phase 2 construction and has accepted a bid. However, due to cost increases across all sectors, the project is now divided in two parts, with the part exceeding the current project budget included in the FY24 CIP. The City Council will make the determination on funding Phase 2B. Construction is expected to begin on Phase 2A in spring 2023 and continue through summer and fall 2023. A Public Information Meeting will be held in late February or early March 2023.

Water Service Interruptions

No anticipated water disruptions to Islington residents.

Traffic Patterns

Two-way traffic is in place on Islington. 

Project Description

The project area for Phase 1A of construction included Islington Street from the Route 1 Bypass to Dover Street.
phase 1B covers Dover Street to Albany Street, including Columbia Street and Columbia Court.

Work on the Corridor Project includes replacement of underground utilities (water sewer drain), roadway reconstruction, curbing and sidewalk installations, and landscaping improvements (ornamental lighting, street trees, benches, etc.). The work proceeds in discrete sections in order to limit the impact to residents and businesses; and will be a large step in the revitalization of the West End neighborhood. The goal of this project is to create a "complete street" and will include improvements to the streetscape, traffic signals, utilities, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, transit and vehicular roadway.

The design incorporates the recommendations of several planning studies such as the 2009 Islington Street Improvement Action Plan, 2014 Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan and the "character-based" zoning public charrette. Utility design includes the design of drinking water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage improvements, as well as utility coordination and design for natural gas, communications and electrical relocations of infrastructure. The design effort also includes improvements to parking and vehicular/pedestrian uses to determine proper lane widths, sidewalk widths, intersection designs and roadbed and pavement types and thicknesses.

Comments regarding construction can be sent to David J Desfosses, Project Manager (see contact details below).

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Current Activity


General Notes

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave Desfosses, Project Manager at 766-1411.

Project Schedule


The following table lists public meetings and project milestones. If a specific date is not listed, the anticipated timeframe is indicated and the table will be updated as the project progresses.

November 2015 Initial Public Information Meeting
  Presentation Slide Show
  Presentation Video
October 2016 Presentation Slide Show
  Presentation Video
March 2017 Roadway borings
2017 Finalized preliminary design
2018 Final design, bidding and award of contract
February 20, 2019 Public Meeting to review next phase of project
April 25, 2019 Preconstruction meeting for the public
May 2019 Start of Phase 1A construction - spanning Bartlett Street to the Route 1 Bypass
Fall 2020 Anticipated completion of Phase 1A construction


Project Scope

Islington Street Project


2019 Public Meetings

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