Solid Waste & Recycling

About Solid Waste & Recycling

There are three components of Portsmouth's Recycling and Solid Waste program:

1. Collection of waste and recyclables by the DPW

  • Recycling Center drop off collection
  • Residential curbside collection of waste and recyclables
  • Downtown commercial curbside collection of waste and recyclables

2. Transportation of waste and recyclables by the DPW

3. Processing and Disposal of waste and recyclables by outside vendors


Solid Waste Ordinance

The City has a Solid Waste Ordinance (click here) that establishes guidelines for trash pickup and disposal. The Department of Public Works' Solid Waste Group is responsible for waste collection/disposal from both private / commercial residences / establishments that fall within established criteria. Our objectives are to:

  • Provide the City with a means of collecting and disposing of solid waste curbside, including recycling and bulky waste in the most efficient and cost effective manner. 
  • Dispose of waste at minimal cost and within industry guidelines. 
  • Ensure waste management practices are in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. 
  • Keep the City's Streets, sidewalks and Central Business District free of all debris and litter. 
  • Maintain all City owned trees, shrubbery and beautification sites. 
  • Provide the City with curbside collection and proper disposal methods for yard waste materials.


Jacob Levenson

Jacob Levenson

Solid Waste Sustainability Coordinator
(603) 766-1412