Waste Collection Schedule

Trash collected AS USUAL on Tues Feb 28.

If any changes are made DPW will post the notification the night before that trash collection is being cancelled on the City’s website, via social media, on the City’s snow phone (603-766-7669) and via the City’s Smart911. To sign up to receive notices (via voicemail, email or text) about any changes in the trash collection schedule, please click here

Due to staffing challenges, trash collection will not be rescheduled for that week but will be collected the following week on the normally scheduled day for pickup. As always, residents may bring their trash and recycling to the City’s transfer station during normal hours of operation.

This notice will also request that no trash or recycling receptacles be left on the curb during an advanced snow warning. The City will not be responsible for any damage due to negligence during the snow event to trash / recycling receptacles. If the receptacles are left on the curb during a snow event and are buried the City will not pick up the waste until it is cleared from the snow and placed properly on the curb. 

Weekly Collection, Monday through Friday

Place your waste curbside in a single location in front of your property after 7 pm the day before your scheduled pick up. In the downtown business district waste from businesses shall not be placed curbside prior to 2:00 pm on Mondays. Residential waste will be collected Tuesday mornings in the downtown business district.

Please note, the City has the right to inspect any curbside rubbish to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. 

All properties are limited to 300 U.S. gallons of solid waste per week. For the City's Solid Waste Ordinances, click here

It is mandatory to recycle. For details of the recycling program and services click here

Click here for the Portsmouth Trash and Recycling Collection Route Map!



**If the holiday is not listed, waste and recyclables are collected on your regular collection day.**










New Year's Day

Mon 1/2/23

Mon combined with Tues 


Martin Luther King/Civil Rights Day

Mon, 1/16/23

No change


President's Day

Mon, 2/20/23

No change


Good Friday (Half Day)

Fri, 4/7/23

No change


Memorial Day

Mon, 5/29/23

Mon combined with Tues

Mon/Tues cancelled

Independence Day

Tues, 7/4/23

Tues combined with Wed

 Tues/Wed cancelled

Labor Day

Mon, 9/4/23

Mon combined with Tues

Mon/Tues cancelled

Indigenous Peoples Day

Mon, 10/9/23

No change

Mon cancelled

Veteran's Day

Fri, 11/10/23

No change

Fri cancelled


Thu, 11/23/23

Thurs combined with Wed on 11/22

Wed/Th/Fri cancelled

Christmas Day (observed)

Mon, 12/25/23

Mon combined with Tues 12/26




  • Starts April 1. Ends Nov 30.
  • Use paper bags or trash barrel clearly marked "yard waste". 
  • Bags no more than 50 lbs each. 
  • Brush - must be bundled into groups for easy pick up. Bundles should not be greater than 1' in diameter and 4' in length. Brush pieces w/in bundles no greater than 5" in diameter. Use string or twine to bundle.
  • More information click here



Recycling is mandatory for fiber/paper and commingled recyclables.

Cans, glass and plastic bottles should be rinsed out before being put in the green recycling bins and placed curbside on regular trash collection days. Lids, caps, corks and neck rings must be removed.

Recyclable paper includes newspapers, junk mail, inserts, magazines, office paper and manila folders, phone books, paperback books, paper board (cereal and pasta boxes), cardboard, wax-coated milk and juice cartons and paper egg cartons.

For more information on what to recycle please click here.



Rec Cntr img

  Click here for  



Fee Schedule


  (plus the cost of the item(s) below)

  $5.00 per item  
      Box Springs
      Clothes Dryer
      Clothes Washer
      Propane Tank (20 lbs. or larger)
      Upholstered Furniture 

  $10.00 per item
    Cooking Range

  $20.00 per item
    Items containing Freon - (CFC removal)

Please call (603) 427-1530 to schedule curbside bulky waste collection:

  • Public Works will schedule date(s) for collection of specified materials
  • Fees must be paid in advance of collection date
  • Place the specified material(s) curbside no earlier than 7:00 p.m. the evening before the scheduled pick-up date but no later than 7:30 a.m. on the day of pick-up
  • The Public Works Department will collect the material on the specified date(s)

Materials must be separated from weekly trash placed curbside, as directed by the Department of Public Works and in accord with the solid waste ordinance. 

Bulky waste will be collected on the following designated weeks of the month: 

1st week:  upholstered furniture, mixed material

2nd week:  appliances and other scrap metal (including freon containing units, such as refrigerators)

3rd week:  tires, TVs, computers and other electronics

4th week:  wood furniture and wood scraps (clean, painted & treated wood, pallets, etc.)

Residents are not to place the waste curbside without scheduling a collection date with Public Works.

The solid waste services and programs were put in place with fiscal responsibility in mind, as well as complying with environmental regulations.