Portsmouth Recycling Center

Recycling Center Information

The Recycling Center is located behind the Public Works facility at 680 Peverly Hill Road.

Portsmouth residents may obtain a vehicle sticker for easier access to the Recycling Center. Residents may apply for the stickers - free of charge - at the Recycling Center on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7:45 to 3:15 p.m. by filling out an application and providing their vehicle registration as proof of residency. Stickers will be issued on an annual basis and are to be placed on the driver's side windshield. Resident stickers are also available at the Department of Public Works.

Residents may also pick up a recycling bin(s) for a $10.00 fee  (Residents can bring in their broken recycle bin and the City will replace for free)  at the Department of Public Works, 680 Peverly Hill Rd, Portsmouth, M-F 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

There is a $2.50 minimum transaction fee for Credit Card processing at the Portsmouth Recycle Center 



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    A fee is charged for these items to cover extra handling and processing for proper disposal.
    Payment must be made by check or CREDIT CARD at the facility or can be prepaid online before drop-off, bring printed receipt with item. (use the link above)  There is a $2.50 minimum transaction fee for Credit Card processing at the Portsmouth Recycle Center 

    Fee Schedule

    Box Springs $5.00
    Clothes Dryer $5.00
    Clothes Washer $5.00
    Dishwasher $5.00
    Mattress $5.00
    Propane Tank (20 lb. or larger) $5.00
    Tire $5.00
    Upholstered Furniture $5.00
    Cooking Range $10.00
    Electronics $10.00
    Refrigerator $20.00
    Items containing Freon (CFC removal) $20.00

    Specialty Items Portsmouth Residents Can Bring to the Center at no cost: 

    • Antifreeze
    • Batteries
    • Clothing 
    • Cooking oil
    • Eyeglasses
    • Fluorescent light bulbs
    • Food waste
    • Oil & oil filters
    • Propane tanks (empty)
    • Vegetable oil

    Public Works retains the right to discontinue providing this service to any resident or contractor abusing the services or in violation of the City Solid Waste Ordinances. 

    For questions or comments , please call (603) 427-1530. Thank you for your cooperation.