Construction Projects


Cate-Bartlett St. intersection and new Hodgdon Way connector to Rte 1 Bypass

Cate-Bartlett Street Intersection Reconfiguration and new Hodgdon Way connector to Rte 1 Bypass. Opens July 16, 2021.


Banfield Road Improvements Project

This project includes drainage, roadway safety improvements, and paving from Ocean Road to Heritage Drive.

Status: Bids received on July 15, 2020.

Project Manager: Ryan Flynn, Construction Project Coordinator 766-1413

Estimated Start Date: Construction: Fall 2020

Estimated Time of Completion: Spring 2021

Estimated Cost: $1.5 Million

Funding Source: Capital Funds

Designer/Contractor: John H. Lyman & Sons, Inc. of Gilford, NH.   

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Upcoming Projects


Marjorie Street Pumping Station

For presentation to Planning Board on July 15, 2021, click here.



Middle Street, Summer Street, Miller Avenue Traffic Signal Upgrade

The week of April 12, DPW made modifications to the Middle Street and Middle Road intersection. All traffic is now directed to use the gas station side of the traffic island once the changes are done. This is part of the Middle Road traffic calming project.

Description:  This project will replace the existing outdated traffic signal equipment with a new signal that meets current design standards. New mast arms, signal heads, pedestrian signals, accessible curb ramps, signal detection and signal controller will be included.

Status:  The project is currently seeking proposals from engineering consulting firms for the design of the project.

Estimated time of Completion:  Design would be completed in 2021, with construction in 2022, depending on funding.

Estimated Cost: Design:$25,000. Construction:  $250,000

Funding Source: 04-795-393-00-100-452-079023

Designer/Contractor: TBD

Maplewood Avenue Bridge Project

This project is the replacement of the Maplewood Avenue Bridge at the North Mill Pond. Previous planning for this project as an out-year has been expedited due to the critical need for replacement identified in the Bridge Master Plan. The City is working to obtain the 80% NHDOT State Bridge Aid Program funds. If the funds are not available, general obligation bonding will be needed to complete this project. Improvements will include new sea walls, replacement of the existing water main and gravity sewer.

This project is currently in design and is identified in the FY 22 Capital Improvements Plan for funding in FY22.  The current anticipated schedule would be complete design in the fall of 2021 with construction to start the spring of 2022 to replace and repair the existing structure including new sidewalks. This is not a "Complete Streets" plan.


Elwyn Park Drainage

The City is studying the stormwater drainage in the Elwyn Park Neighborhood 

Status: In Design

Project Manager: Dave Desfosses, Construction Technician Supervisor 766-1411

Estimated Time of Completion: Fall 2021

Estimated Cost: $10,000

Funding Source: Elwyn Park Drainage

Designer/Contractor: CMA Engineering