Construction Projects


Woodbury Avenue/Franklin Drive Improvements

This project will implement the recommendations from the December 2015 corridor study prepared by TEC, Inc. The project area includes Woodbury Avenue between Rockingham Avenue and Dennett Street. Improvements will consist of replacing the raised median islands between I-95 and Franklin Drive with left-turn lanes, constructing median islands for pedestrian crossings at the intersections of Rockingham Avenue and Dennett Street, minor widening of the roadway to provide the left-turn lanes and bike lanes, and upgrading of all signs along the corridor. This project is planned to be constructed in phases. The first phase of the project was the removal of the median islands to provide a left turn lane at Franklin Drive.

Status: First phase of construction was finished summer 2019. Reminder of project contingent on funding.

Project Manager: Eric Eby, Parking & Transportation Engineer 766-1415

Estimated Start Date: Construction: Summer 2019

Estimated Time of Completion: Summer 2021

Estimated Cost: Total project: $700,000. First phase $35,000

Funding Source: Capital Improvement Plan

Designer/Contractor: TEC, Inc./TBD


Upcoming Projects


95 Mechanic Street Wharf

The City acquired the property at 95 Mechanic Street (LaCava Property). This property includes an existing wharf and buildings on the wharf. The wharf and the buildings, however, were beyond repair and were not safe to enter. As a result, the wharf and buildings were demolished and will be replaced with a new seawall and wharf. There will be a public process to evaluate any proposed changes in this area and this project will be informed as part of a site master plan that will be inclusive of this property and the public properties on either side of 95 Mechanic Street.

Status: Project bidding is anticipated in July/August 2020.

Project Manager: Ryan Flynn, Construction Project Coordinator 766-1413

Estimated Start Date:Fall 2020

Estimated Time of Completion: TBD

Estimated Cost: TBD

Funding Source: TBD

Designer/Contractor: Tighe & Bond/TBD


Banfield Road Improvements Project

This project includes drainage, roadway safety improvements, and paving from Ocean Road to Heritage Drive.

Status: Bids received on July 15, 2020.

Project Manager: Ryan Flynn, Construction Project Coordinator 766-1413

Estimated Start Date: Construction: Fall 2020

Estimated Time of Completion: Spring 2021

Estimated Cost: $1.5 Million

Funding Source: Capital Funds

Designer/Contractor: John H. Lyman & Sons, Inc. of Gilford, NH.   

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Longmeadow Road Extension

Currently, the intersection of Lang and Lafayette Roads is highly dysfunctional as there are few options to signalize the intersection due to its proximity to Suzanne Drive and other commercial driveways.  Most traffic turning left from Lang Road today is looking to then turn right onto Ocean Road to continue westbound.  This traffic movement continues to cause large numbers of collisions which in turn costs the City money due to the need for emergency services.  This project would build a connector road so that westbound traffic could continue onto Longmeadow Road to the signal at Ocean and Lafayette and then either continue west onto Ocean Road or go south on Lafayette Road.  Traffic that seeks to go north toward the City center would be able to continue down Lang Road and take a right as they do today.  The City is working with Service Credit Union in order to acquire the land for the new road. The state has funds available to contribute to the project.

Status: Design is underway.

Project Manager: Dave Desfosses, Construction Technician Supervisor 766-1411

Estimated Start Date: 2021 Construction

Estimated Time of Completion: Design Fall 2020, Construction 2021

Estimated Cost: $900,000

Funding Source: Capital/Federal/State Funded Construction

Designer/Contractor: Tighe & Bond/ TBD