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Snow Parking Ban Status


Snow Phone Hotline: 603.766.7669

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The City of Portsmouth uses CodeRED for Snow Ban Parking notifications, if you would like to sign up to receive snow ban parking information emails or texts, please click here

Snow Ban Off-Street Parking Areas



A Snow Emergency Parking Ban applies to the entire city (marked in yellow and beyond) at the time of declaration.  Under a Declared Parking Ban during an evening storm, the Parking Ban for the immediate Downtown Area (Marked in Yellow) takes effect at 1am

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of Flat Rate** Parking at Hanover Garage ($5 per exit) and Foundry Garage ($3 per exit), good from the time an Anticipated Ban is announced until 2 hours after the Ban Cancellation is issued.

**To receive the Flat Rate, Residents must bring proof of residency and payment (cash or credit) to the attendant at the parking booth before retrieving their vehicle.  Automated devices (pay in lane and pay-on-foot) are not equipped to vet residency and apply reduced rates.  Residents seeking the flat rate must see the cashier.  

Snow Ban Off Street Parking Areas

If you car is parked on ANY CITY STREET during a declared snow ban, your car will be towed. 

Snowban parking area in downtown Portsmouth

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Foundry Place parking rates?

The Foundry Place Garage (600 spaces) is open 24/7.  Rates are $1.00 per hour; Max Rate: $20.00; Lost ticket: $20.00; Free All day parking on Sunday for Portsmouth Residents.  Residents must show driver’s license for proof of Portsmouth Residency.

If I have a monthly parking pass at the Hanover Garage, does that apply to the Foundry Garage as well?

No. If interested, you can apply to transfer your monthly parking pass to the Foundry Place Garage by contacting the Parking Clerk’s office. For a monthly parker considering a move from Hanover to Foundry Place, the Foundry rates represent a savings of $1200 annually for resident and $1800 for non-resident users. The Parking Clerk’s Office is creating a list of Hanover monthly parkers who are interested in switching to Foundry Place upon opening. If interested, pass holders must contact the Parking Clerk’s office in person or by telephone at 603-610-7229 to have your name and contact information added.

How can I obtain a monthly parking pass at Foundry Place?

If you are interested in obtaining a monthly parking pass at the new garage, please do the following at your earliest convenience:

Current Hanover pass holders and new customers should contact the Parking Clerk’s office at City Hall in person to put down a deposit of the first month’s payment to secure your pass.

  • Card deposits will transfer from Hanover to the Foundry
  • Payments made for parking at Hanover will be applied to your new Foundry account

Interested parties can also secure a Foundry account by stopping by the Parking Attendant Booth at the Hanover Parking Garage. You will need to provide contact information and a check deposit to secure your space. 

How can I pay to park at Foundry Place?

Take your ticket with you when you park. There will be pay stations located in the elevator bay (cash and credit cards accepted) and in the west stairwell near Rock Street (credit card only). Patrons will pay at the paystation upon returning to the garage, and prior to retrieving their vehicle. Once payment is made, patrons will retrieve their vehicle and proceed to the exit station, insert their paid ticket, and the gate will allow exit. There is also the ability to pay at the exit stations (credit card only). The EZPark system and the Park Mobile app cannot be used to pay for parking at the Foundry Garage. 

Are there electric vehicle charging stations at Foundry Place?

Yes, there are six charging stations at Foundry Garage; four plugs on the first level and two plugs on the second level.

Is there public art at this facility?

The Foundry Place Garage, in accordance with chapter 1, Article XVII. Section 1.1702 Percent for arts, includes $150,000 in the project budget to solicit artists for artwork to be included as part of the project. The Foundry Place Project Planning Committee received six proposals as finalists for the Percent for Art public art at the new Garage. These proposals represented a wide range of conceptual ideas, materials, and uses for the space inside and outside of the new garage. Two projects were chosen, the "Etched Glass Concept" and the "Hammer Concept," shown below.