Parking and Traffic Safety Committee

The Parking and Traffic Safety Committee consists of nine (9) regular members and one (1) alternate member appointed by the Mayor and City Council. The Committee addresses all traffic safety issues within the City of Portsmouth, including signs, traffic lights, striping, plan reviews of new development, and other pedestrian/vehicular-related problems.

2019 & 2020 Actions & Meeting Minutes (January - December)

Committee Membership


Appointment Date

Expiration Date

Andrew Bagley, City Council Representative



Mark Syracusa 09/07/2021 09/17/2024
Mary Lou McElwain  09/07/2021 09/17/2024
David Allen (Alternate) 9/18/2023 09/17/2027
Erica Wygonik  9/18/2023 09/17/2026
Stephen Pesci  09/07/2021 09/17/2024
Karen Conard, City Manager    
Peter Rice, Public Works Director    
Bill McQuillen, Deputy Fire Chief    
Michael Maloney, Patrol Division Captain    

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