Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

The City of Portsmouth prioritizes convenient, safe and accessible streets and roadways for all transportation users. As traffic safety issues arise, the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program provides a mechanism for neighborhood groups to work with the City.  It is intended to ensure that all neighborhood stakeholders are provided the opportunity to be involved. The following outline details the steps involved in participating in the program and the levels of traffic calming that can be implemented to address neighborhood-level traffic issues.

Program Outline

Sponsored by the Parking & Traffic Safety Committee,the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program takes place in 3 phases: 

Phase 1Traffic Calming illustration

  • Application
  • Neighborhood Petition
  • Neighborhood Traffic Monitoring

Phase 2

  • Staff Assessment & Recommendation
  • Determination of Traffic Calming Measure
  • Parking & Traffic Safety Review

Phase 3

  1. Funding and Implementation