Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain a copy of an accident or arrest report?

Request by Mail or Fax:

Please fill out the Request of Accident/Incident Report Form and attach a clear photocopy of your valid State or Federal issued picture ID. The ID copy must accompany each request. 

Address: Records Division
Portsmouth Police Department
3 Junkins Avenue
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Fax to: (603) 610-7670

Request in Person:

If possible, it is best to call ahead for the report to be prepared in advance of your arrival (603) 610–7446

The form(s) are also available at the Records Division window.

For more information about reports visit the Records Unit

What is SERT?

SERT stands for the Seacoast Emergency Response Team. Other titles for this type of unit include but are not limited to SWAT, ERT, SRT, and SOU. SERT was formed in 2001 as a regional tactical team when the City of Portsmouth ERT and the Town of Hampton SRT teams merged along with nine other communities in the New Hampshire Seacoast forming the present day configuration of the team.

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What Does the Animal Control Officer Do?

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing State Laws and local Ordinances pertaining to the welfare and control of domestic, exotic and wild animals. The Animal Control Officer is also considered the local Rabies Control Authority and handles many wild animals, which have been reported to be sick or injured.

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How can I become a police officer?

To become a Police Officer with the Portsmouth Police Department you must undergo the recruitment and hiring process which includes an examination, physical agility test, and more.

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What should I do when I'm stopped by the Police?

  • New Hampshire law requires that motorists pull as far to the right as practical and come to a complete stop on the approach of any emergency vehicle with emergency lights and/or siren activated.
  • DO NOT exit your vehicle unless asked to do so by the officer.
  • DO keep your hands in plain view on the steering wheel, so the officer can see them. This is a standard safety measure for the officer - s/he doesn't know you. Please do not be insulted. If the stop occurs at night, please turn on your interior dome light.
  • DO NOT make any sudden movements inside the vehicle, especially toward the floorboard, rear seat, or glove box areas.
  • If your license, vehicle registration, or insurance information are not within reach, tell the officer where they are located before you attempt to retrieve them.
  • Avoid becoming argumentative. Arguing will not change an officer's decision to issue a summons or a warning. If you disagree with receiving a summons, you can argue the case at the Portsmouth District Court before a judge.

For more information see When Stopped by Police 

Who do I call if my car has been towed?

If your car has been towed, please contact the Station Officer at (603) 610-7412