Bartlett Street Reconstruction Project

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The City of Portsmouth prioritizes convenient, safe and accessible streets and roadways for all transportation users. As traffic safety issues arise, the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program provides a mechanism for neighborhood groups to work with the City. It is intended to ensure that all neighborhood stakeholders are provided the opportunity to be involved.


Project Description:

This project includes the reconstruction of Bartlett St, Thornton Street from Bartlett to Woodbury, the intersection of Woodbury and Bartlett St, and Morning Street. The replacement of sidewalks, pavement, and underground utilities including new storm drains, sanitary sewers and water mains are all a part of the project. 

The presentation to the Parking & Traffic Safety Committee on February 2, 2023 proposes a pilot program to test the feasibility of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of Bartlett and Thornton. Street configuration and sample roundabout pictured below. Go to the splitter curbing specifications for the roundabout.

Bartlett Street mini-roundabout pilot


SAMPLE mini-roundabout

The City is also planning traffic calming measures for the area of Pine St Park.

Project Status: Preliminary design based on further input gathered at the public meeting held on December 9, 2022. Go to base plan.

Project Manager:
Marc Batchelder, Project Manager

Estimated Start: Fall 2023

Estimated Completion:

Estimated Cost: $800,000 CIP FY24-29 p. 57

Funding Source: Anticipated from completed FY23 bonding

Designer/Contractor: Marc Batcheler. P.E./In-house staff

Bartlett Street

Following the December 8, 2022 meeting, the City is moving forward with this design option. Click on the image to go to a more detailed figure.


Bartlett Street design option 3

For information on the Bartlett-Cate Street Intersection Project, visit this page.