Portsmouth City Council’s Legislative Subcommittee

Legislative Subcommittee


The Portsmouth City Council’s Legislative Subcommittee reviews and tracks draft legislation and makes recommendations to the City Council to either support or oppose legislation. The Portsmouth City Council has adopted Principles for Legislative Positions that serve as guiding principles for City testimony before the General Court. The subcommittee meets regularly with our Senator and Representatives to review legislation of interest to the City. The Committee is comprised of Mayor Blalock, Assistant Mayor Cliff Lazenby, Councilor Chris Dwyer and Councilor Josh Denton, and non-voting members City Manager John Bohenko and his City staff designee, Jane Ferrini. The Legislative Subcommittee meetings and Agenda and minutes are posted on the City’s website and the meetings with our Legislative Delegation are televised on Channel 22.

To view the Legislative Subcommittee’s meeting calendar and Agendas, visit the City's Master Calendar.

Comments on HB 710 and HB 259 regarding State Building Code

Testimony in opposition to HB 312

Opposition to HB 709

NHTCA’s testimony in support of HB 563 regarding fees for failing to register motor vehicles

City’s testimony in support of HB 352 SAG funding

Written Testimony

Subcommittee Members

John P. Bohenko
John P. Bohenko
City Manager
Jane Ferrini
Jane M. Ferrini, Esq.
Assistant City Attorney