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Is my property in the Historic District and do I need Historic District Commission (HDC) approval for my project?

You can find out if your property is located within the Historic District by searching for your property on MapGeo. Type in your address in the “Property Quick Search” box in the upper right corner of the map. Click on the “Themes” layer and toggle on “Zoning”. The legend will indicate which zone or zones your property is located in.  

A property is in the Historic District if: 

  1. There is a red outline around the perimeter of the entire property; or

  1. If the red boundary line bisects any part of any structure of the property. 

If your property lies within the Historic District or if you have a questions as to whether your property is in the historic district, please reach out to Izak Gilbo, HDC Staff Planner/Liaison at or (603)-610-7235 to discuss your project and for guidance on the permitting process. 

City to Start Reviewing Applications for Outdoor Dining Encumbrance Permits Starting March 01, 2024

The City has announced that staff will start reviewing and renewing applications for the 2024 outdoor dining season starting May 01, 2024. Businesses wanting to operate an outdoor café on public property in 2024 can apply for approval by submitting an application through the City's online permitting portal.