Sherburne School Project

Sherburne School

The municipal property located at 35 Sherburne Road, known as the Sherburne School, is currently occupied by the Robert J. Lister Academy. This property is to be vacated over the summer of 2024, and therefore the City Council voted on April 15, 2024, to “work towards the official disposition and land lease of the Sherburne School property for the creation of permanent below market rate housing.” This vote was taken at the recommendation of the Mayor’s Housing Blue Ribbon Committee.


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Find more information on the Housing Blue Ribbon Committee page.

The City Council held a Work Session on January 12, 2023 to review a presentation by Portsmouth Housing Authority and public comment to consider the reuse of the City-owned Sherburne School building and property at 35 Sherburne Road.

In August 2022, the School Board voted unanimously to approve the relocation of the Robert Lister Academy, the current Sherburne School occupant, to the Community Campus once renovations are completed there to accommodate the Academy's needs. the Board also voted unanimously to transfer care and control of the property to the City. The Council is reviewing all options for the reuse of the 5-acre Sherburne property. 

This presentation covered:

  • Sherburne site attributes
  • School building attributes
  • Options for housing
  • Options for community uses
  • Sustainability goals
  • 2022 Housing Market Study findings
  • History of partnership in affordable housing
  • PHA financial commitment
  • Timeline options: "Yes, Housing Now" or "Maybe, Housing Later"

Also see meeting video, below, starting at timestamp 1:14:40.