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Can I place an emergency power generator outside my home?

Generators can be applied for through the building permit process. There are some zoning requirements that need to be met before your permit proceeds. These include: 

  • If your generator and mounting pad do not exceed 10 s.f. in area and they are not combined to have a height greater than 36 in, it will not have to abide by yard requirements but instead shall be set back at least 10 ft from the property line and cannot be closer to the street than the front of the principal structure.
  •  If your generator exceeds at least one of the criteria listed above (greater than 10 s.f. or taller than 36 in), then it will be counted towards your property's building coverage calculations and will have to abide by yard requirements (i.e. setbacks for your zone). 
  • A generator shall not be placed within a wetland or up to 25 ft from the edge of a wetland. 
  •  A generator may be placed within a portion of the wetland buffer, so long as it is outside of the 25 ft vegetated buffer (between 26 and 100 ft from the edge of the wetland) and is less than 10 s.f. in total area including the mounting pad.