Public Art Review Committee

Whale Statue in Prescott Park with the Memorial Bridge in the background


The City of Portsmouth continues its proud history of freely accessible public art that reflects our past, celebrates our present, and imagines our future, invigorating our public spaces.

The mission of the Public Art Review Committee (PARC), established in 2023, is to champion high-quality public art for the City of Portsmouth, NH and advise on public art-related topics.

Public Art Review Committee (PARC) responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:  

  • Commissioning public art projects 
  • Providing guidance for those funding, developing, and installing works of public art
  • Ensuring that public art decisions, including those subject to land use approvals, follow established criteria
  • Identifying locations for public art installations
  • Promoting engagement with public art sites throughout the City 

Learn more about the work and framework of the committee, take a moment to explore the virtual map of public art or check out the photo gallery (coming soon), “meet” the committee members, and more.

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