Train Derailment, Crews on Site, No Threat to the Public, No Injuries Reported

June 25, 2024

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – The City of Portsmouth has issued a traffic advisory for several downtown streets due to a train derailment. Shortly before noon today, a 47-car train operated by CSX and carrying track rail, derailed at the low speed Maplewood Avenue crossing. Police, Fire, and Public Works crews are on site, and the situation is under control. There is no threat to the public, no injuries have been reported, and the train remained upright.

Maplewood Avenue will be closed for an indeterminate amount of time at Deer Street for outbound traffic. Inbound traffic is being rerouted to Dennett Street. Vaughan Street and Green Street are also closed. The public is encouraged to seek alternative routes. The City is currently waiting for repair crews from CSX to assess, remount the train, and repair the tracks.


Train derailment