City of Portsmouth Adopts New Communications App – “Smart 911” Replaces CodeRED

August 8, 2022

The Portsmouth Police Department is rolling out a new emergency messaging system throughout the city to replace the CodeRED system used for emergency alerts and notices such as snow parking bans.

Anyone wishing to continue to receive notices such as snow parking bans and other alerts must subscribe to the new Smart 911 system. Accounts cannot be automatically transferred. Go to Smart911 to subscribe to the new system.

The new Smart 911 system offers the same benefits as CodeRED: anyone can subscribe to receive alerts and notices by text, email and voicemail (including TDD), and can unsubscribe at any time. The new Smart 911 system also has the ability to provide localized notices and to conduct instant polls.

The Smart 911 system is also tied to the existing Police Department 911 system that gives Police and Fire with information about residents’ addresses and such medical conditions or needs that are often recorded with emergency services and utilities.

The City plans to send out one more CodeRED alert notice to let everyone who is currently subscribed that they need to switch over to the Smart 911 system.





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