Mayor Seeks Volunteers for Blue Ribbon Committee on Arts and Nonprofits

January 14, 2021

Mayor Rick Becksted has announced the formation of a Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Arts and Nonprofits, designed to respond to the needs of arts and culture nonprofits during the reopening and recovery phases ahead.

The Mayor announced the new committee at the City Council meeting on January 11 and invited those interested in serving on the volunteer committee to submit this application.

Volunteers do not need to be residents of Portsmouth to serve on this committee.

In making the announcements, the Mayor said he hoped the new committee would serve the Portsmouth arts and nonprofits community, including museums. He named as his first committee appointees: Tina Sawtelle, executive director of The Music Hall; Russ Grazier, CEO of Portsmouth Music and Arts Center (PMAC); Barbara Massar, executive director of ProPortsmouth, Inc.; and Jason Goodrich, member of the Seacoast Repertory Company Board of Trustees.