City Selects Shanti Wolph as Chief Building Inspector

October 25, 2021

Portsmouth City Manager Karen Conard announced October 20, 2021 that the City has selected Shanti Wolph as Chief Building Inspector to fill the post served by Acting Interim Chief Building Inspector Paul Garand for the past three months.

The new Chief Building Inspector, who will join the City staff and oversee an Inspections Department of four, is Shanti Wolph, who brings thirty years of experience in the construction industry to the post. He brings experience as an independent home inspector and as an independent contractor specializing in custom homes and light commercial buildings to the role. Wolph is an ICC Commercial Building Inspector, ICC Certified Residential Building Inspector and ICC Certified Residential Plumbing Inspector.

“I am delighted to welcome Shanti Wolph to the City of Portsmouth professional staff,” said City Manager Conard in making the announcement. “Over the course of the interview process with me and other Department heads, Mr. Wolph has demonstrated his capacity for good judgement and flexibility, and an ability to intuitively assess and encourage the de-escalation of the challenges resulting from profound demand on the Department. I know he is motivated by the opportunity and looks forward to meeting and working with residents, businesses and City staff, especially the members of the Inspections Department.”

Prior to joining the City of Portsmouth Inspection Department, Mr. Wolph worked for the City of Manchester NH and the City of Somersworth. Most recently he served the Towns of Stratham and Newton NH as Chief Building Inspector, Code Enforcement and Health Officer.



Shanti Wolph, Chief Building Inspector