City of Portsmouth NH & Knowles Tree Service Plan Work at Historic Hall Cemetery

October 26, 2023

The Department of Public Works and Knowles Tree Service will be working November 8 to 10, 2023 to remove and trim trees at Hall Cemetery off South Street. The City continues to coordinate the tree work with the two abutting property owners to gain access to the cemetery. Additional work will be performed in November to clear the overgrowth in the City’s right-of-way pathway from South Street to the Cemetery.

Hall Cemetery is a family cemetery located behind 280 South Street. Established during Portsmouth’s colonial era of the late 1700s, the cemetery and its 38 gravesites and historic headstones were deeded to the City of Portsmouth in the early 1900s. Among those the City Cemetery Committee has identified in Hall Cemetery are Captain Samuel Hall who served in Senter's Regiment of New Hampshire, Captain George Janverin master of the sloop Newport in 1761, Captain James Miller – died 1801, a British citizen who fought for Colonial NH; Samuel Ordiorn, Fifer in the Third Regiment of New Hampshire; Peter Shores (1711- 1789) and Peter Shores (1761-1788) who was lost at sea.