City of Portsmouth Announces Paperless Water, Sewer & Property Tax Billing Option

April 27, 2023

The Portsmouth City Council has authorized the City Finance Department to offer City taxpayers and Water and Sewer customers the option of paperless billing. Customers may opt-in to this completely voluntary service to receive the next bill electronically via the City’s InvoiceCloud system. With paperless billing, residents and businesses can receive their property tax, water and sewer bills electronically, eliminating the need for paper bills to be mailed. This not only reduces the use of paper but also saves on printing and postage costs.

There is no fee to sign up for paperless billing and there is no fee to pay electronically from a checking or savings account (ACH/e-check). There is a processing fee for debit or credit card payments on property taxes, water and sewer bills using Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. This fee is charged and retained by the third-party processing vendor.

“This move to paperless billing is just one of many steps the City is taking to promote sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint,” said Finance Director Judie Belanger in announcing the new service. “By making small changes like this, the City hopes to make a big impact on the environment and inspire others to do the same. Customers who prefer to receive paper bills can still do so but are encouraged to consider paperless billing as a more sustainable and convenient option.”

To sign up to receive electronic bills for property taxes, water and sewer charges, customers should go to the City’s online payment portal, InvoiceCloud, and create an account. Those who now pay City bills electronically already have an InvoiceCloud and can sign in as usual and follow the paperless billing prompts. Customers can also link their Automatic Payment details to their paperless billing instructions on the portal. Once signed up, customers will receive a confirmation email. When a bill is posted to the online system, they will receive an email with the paperless bill containing links to the online payment portal for easy payment. Once confirmed, customers should make sure their spam filters are not blocking mail from

For more information including answers to Frequently Asked Questions on paperless billing, please visit: