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RAWWWRRR! Portsmouth Public Library staff are FEROCIOUS in their devotion to helping you find books, movies, magazines, and other materials you LOVE.

What should you read, watch, or listen to next? We can help you answer this question. 

Personalized Booklists & Bundles

  • Looking for your next great read?
  • Kids, Parents and Teens can use our Youth Book Suggestions Form to receive a customized booklist or surprise book bundle curated by a youth services librarian!
  • Adults, fill out our PPL Rex: What's Next? Form and choose Recommendations - we can send you a list by email, or put items on hold for curbside pickup!

Research Help

  • If you're learning about a new topic - delving into your family genealogy, thinking about going gluten-free, starting a yoga practice, thinking about opening your own business, buying a new mattress, anything! - let our reference librarians find you credible resources.
  • Fill out our PPL Rex: What's Next? Form and choose Research Help. We'll send you personalized research materials, and answer any follow-up questions you may have!

Monthly Emails with Titles in your Favorite Genre

A Library System Full of Recommendations

  • When you're browsing our catalog online, click on a book you love. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Novelist Select. 
  • You'll see information about the series (if it's part of one), "read-alikes," similar authors, similar series, and even Story Elements that help you pinpoint what you love best, and look for more of the same. It's like a Book Netflix!

Curated Book Lists

  • We're always creating book lists on new topics! Each one links directly to books in our catalog so it's easy to place holds. Here are a few to get you started!
  • Resources on Racism: books on racism for all ages, as well as Black voices in fiction, poetry, and more!
  • Diverse Ability Booklists: raise awareness and empathy by reading about characters with disabilities. With fiction and nonfiction for all ages!
  • Books on Grief, Loss, and Mental Illness: for those difficult times - books for kids, novels, and nonfiction, selected with love.
  • View all lists in our library catalog.

Friendly, Personable Staff who are Here to Help