Interlibrary Loan

What kinds of items can be requested through interlibrary loan?

We can request

  • Circulating books, and on a rare occasions, reference items.
  • CDs, books on cassette and VHS (from in-state libraries only)
  • Magazine articles (please place these requests by phone, (603) 766-1720)
  • Nonfiction DVDs

We can not request:

  • Any feature films on DVD


How long does it take to get the item?

The honest answer is that it depends on many factors. Is the item held at a library in New Hampshire, and if so, is it currently checked in? If the book is available in state, how often does the lending library have interlibrary loan van service? Do we have to go out of state to request the book? However, on average, items take about two weeks to arrive.


Are there any fees involved? 

The are two occasions when there might be fees associated with your request. If there is postage associated with sending the book to our library, then it must be paid for by the customer. In addition, some academic libraries charge a lending fee that can range anywhere from $10-$25 or more.


How many items may you request at a time? 

You may submit three interlibrary loan requests per week.


Interlibrary Loan Form

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Are you willing to pay for postage if necessary? (Usually $2-$3.50 for out of state requests.) Yes
Are you willing to pay a lending fee if necessary? (Anywhere from $10-$25 or more from some academic libraries.) Yes
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