Library Trustees, Board of

In April of 1881 the Portsmouth City Council passed an ordinance creating a public library.

The ordinance read in part,

"That to promote intelligence among all classes of the community, a Public Library for the use of all our citizens subject to such rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary and proper for its maintenance and government be and hereby is established."

A Library Board of Trustees was established to carry out that mission and promote library service.

Board Members

Office Name Address Home Telephone Appointment Date Term Ends
Chairperson Marsha Filion 149 Jones Avenue 603-205-0362 10/1/21 10/1/24
Vice Chair Maria Peppas 104 Echo Avenue 508-813-0169 10/1/20 10/1/23
Secretary Kelly Delekta 609 State Street, Unit 2 917-805-9563 10/16/23


Treasurer Vacant        
School Board Rep. Brian French 255 FW Hartford Dr. 603-828-8544  


  Jeff Stern 91 Spring Street 617-775-1575 3/7/22


  Katinka de Ruiter 420 Lincoln Avenue 203-233-4645 10/1/22 10/1/25
  Tyler McLaughlin 998 South St., Apt. 2 603-340-8024 12/18/23 10/01/26
  Meganne Fabrega 539 Lincoln Ave. 603-661-3079 09/18/23 10/1/26
  Jennifer Mandelbaum 7 Portwalk Place, #1510 603-203-9596 08/21/23 10/1/25

To inquire about joining the Board of Trustees, contact the Library Director.

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