Local History: The Piscataqua Under Siege, Tuesday November 19

October 28, 2019

Local History Talk

The Piscataqua Under Siege
Life During the War Years, 1675-1720

Tuesday November 19 | 7 – 8:30 PM

The library’s Local History series features authors and experts on local history topics. The series continues with speaker Neill De Paoli, discussing the Anglo-Indian conflict in the late 1600s and early 1700s, and the devastating effects on the region's Native American and English communities.

Much of Maine was wracked by warfare during this period. Dr. De Paoli will lead the audience on a historical and archaeological journey into the causes of this warfare and the impact it had on the economy, makeup, layout, and psyche of the settlements and inhabitants of the Piscataqua region of Maine and New Hampshire. This complex story reveals how victims of these attacks coped with injuries, captivity, and the loss of family members, friends, and property. 

Neill De Paoli is a historian/historical archaeologist living with his wife in Kittery, Maine. He earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of New Hampshire. Dr. De Paoli has been the Historic Site Manager at Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site, Pemaquid Beach, Maine, since 2016. Over the last forty years, De Paoli has been studying and writing about English settlement and Anglo-Indian and Anglo-Franco relations in early northern New England. In that time, he has written articles about early Pemaquid’s settlement, Anglo-Indian relations, and slave trade. Dr. De Paoli is currently working on a biography of John Gyles, one of Maine’s leading Anglo-Indian interpreters during the early 1700s, and a historical and archaeological monograph Guns, Politics, and Furs: Pemaquid and the Defense of the Eastern Frontier, 1677-1760.

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Piscataqua Under Siege