Resources for Death & Grief

September 15, 2022

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This page offers resources, references, and many ways to go deeper on topics around death and grief.

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Local Resources

Brookhaven Hospice of NH
Providing care to maximize quality of life.

Hospice Help Foundation
Providing funds for care to those below the poverty line.

Hospice of Southern Maine Bereavement Groups
Bereavement support groups free of charge, held on Zoom.

New Hampshire Alliance for End of Life Options
Resources for "sanity and humanity at life's end."

New Hampshire Funeral Resources & Education
Empowering intentional funeral decisions.

Recorded Library Programs

Panel Discussion: Coping with Grief and Loss during COVID 
Local providers discuss insights about connecting during loss

Panel Discussion: A Good Death
Features local experts on end of life care and grief.

Book Lists


Page 3 – A Word with Marsha Filion

Page 4 – Be a Heart With Ears

Page 9 – Corpse Rights

Want to learn more about corpse rights or local regulations? Check out:

Page 10 & 11 – Nonfiction Booklist

Page 12 & 13 – Thanatology

Suggested Reading:

Page 14 – Death Tarot

Page 15 – Celia’s Séances

Page 16 – Podcasts for Passing Away (your time)

Page 17 – Haunting Melodies

Page 18 & 19 – Death is Fantasy & Scifi

Page 20 & 21 – Caring for Grieving Elders

Suggested Reading:

Further Resources:

Page 22 & 23 – Green Funerals & Burials

Page 24 & 25 – Books to Help Your Child Understand Loss & Grief

Page 26 – Local Cemeteries


Page 5 – How to Write an Obituary

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Page 9 – Corpse Rights

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