Portsmouth Public Library Cemetery Index

If you already have plot numbers for a grave site, see the maps and plot plans below.

This information is also available on our digital collections archive.

Otherwise, to locate an individual’s plot location, you can either:

  • Visit, email, or call, the Special Collections Room to check the printed name indexes and plot maps.
    •  Indexes are available for North Cemetery, Point of Graves, South Cemetery (which includes 5 smaller cemeteries: Cotton, Elmwood, Harmony Grove, Proprietors, and Sagamore), Temple Israel Cemetery, Union, and miscellaneous small family gravesites.
  • Search in FIND A GRAVE – Several of the larger Portsmouth cemeteries have been entered into FIND A GRAVE. This is an ongoing project with more to come! FIND A GRAVE records are also searchable within Ancestry.com. Plot numbers have been entered. [Letter + number in most cases.] 

To locate and visit the desired plot, check the corresponding pdfs of maps and plot plans on this page.

Many thanks for all the hard work of volunteers like Louise Tallman, Cynthia Pridham Thomas, June Spezzano, and Ginny Jakoubek!

Cemetery Maps and Information

South Street Cemetery

  Cotton Cemetery

  Harmony Grove Cemetery

  Proprietor's Cemetery

  Sagamore Cemetery

Union Cemetery

North Cemetery


Portsmouth South Street Cemetery map