New Street and Re-Alignment of Bartlett and Cate Streets Open Friday, July 16

July 12, 2021

The new connector road from Bartlett Street to the Route 1 Bypass opens on Friday, July 16. The new through-street, named “Hodgdon Way,” branches off Cate Street and continues to the Route 1 By-Pass.

The new through-street includes a realignment of the intersection of Bartlett and Cate Streets. Drivers should note the new traffic pattern that will be in place as of July 16.  This revised intersection configuration will be monitored and adjusted as needed over the next few weeks.  The new configuration will incorporate the following changes:

  • Entering the intersection from upper Bartlett Street, traffic will come to a complete stop at the new stop sign at the reconfigured Bartlett-Cate Street intersection (before continuing under the railroad trestle);
  • Traffic coming from Islington Street will now be able to flow unimpeded to Cate Street or up Bartlett Street without have to stop;
  • Traffic coming from the Bypass will travel unimpeded until the traffic signal at Islington Street.

The new direct route between the Bypass and the West End of Portsmouth allows for through-traffic to avoid the Bartlett Street residential neighborhood and will expedite ambulance service to Portsmouth Regional Hospital. Truck traffic will also now be excluded from Bartlett Street, as recommended by the Parking & Traffic Safety Committee and adopted by the City Council on June 21, 2021.

For background on the Bartlett Street traffic-calming project, click here.

New alignment of Cate and Bartlett Streets