DPW Offers Winter Preparedness Tips & Automated Snow Parking Ban Alert Notification Systems

November 22, 2021

With winter approaching, the Portsmouth Department of Public Works has begun to prepare for snow removal operations. The Department would like to take this opportunity to suggest that residents sign up for snow parking ban alerts and start making winter preparedness plans.

Portsmouth’s snow plowing operations typically begin when snow levels exceed two inches, at which time a citywide parking ban may go into effect in order to facilitate snow removal. Residents can take advantage of spaces in designated City parking lots and garages when the parking bans are in effect.

“We understand how challenging and inconvenient a parking ban is for many residents. The Department of Public Works does not want to tow vehicles from the street, but can be forced to do so in order to perform snow removal during significant storms. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of flat fee parking: $3 at Foundry Place and $5 at the Hanover garage,” noted DPW Director Peter Rice.

For more information on parking ban logistics and available City lots for the public, please click here,

The Department of Public Works also asks residents to assist in making snow removal more efficient by doing the following:

  • Clear sidewalks of debris, trash cans, recycling bins, planters and other decorative items, prior to a storm.
  • Make sure parked cars are not blocking sidewalks.
  • Keep excess snow from your property off of the streets.
  • Reduce speed, turn headlights on and maintain a safe distance behind plow drivers

Parking bans for snow removal are announced in several different ways:

  • CodeRED: anyone can sign up to receive automatic email and text alerts, click here.
  • Snow Phone: call 766-7669 (SNO-SNOW) to hear recorded messages.
  • Channel 22: snow parking bans are posted as bulletins and screen-crawls
  • CityofPortsmouth.com: a yellow (planned) or red (in effect) banner appears at the top of City website pages when snow parking ban events occur.
  • Twitter: follow @PortsmouthDPW
  • Facebook: @CityHallPortsmouthNH
  • Public Works Department: call 427-1530 or report a snow clearing issue using the Click ‘n Fix reporting system.

When managing extended weather conditions and snow removal in the area, residents should take precautions to ensure their safety:

  • Advise children to avoid creating snow forts or caves within snow banks on the edge of the roads. These structures can put children at great risk due to the potential of collapse, especially when snowplows and blowers are frequently pushing back these banks to widen the streets.
  • Keep front doors clear to allow exit and entrance in case of emergencies.
  • Clear snow surrounding nearby fire hydrants.
  • Check and clear exhaust vents of furnaces and stoves to avoid the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Snowy scene in Portsmouth