Fleet Street Reconstruction Project

The City of Portsmouth is preparing to begin preliminary engineering and field work for the Fleet Street Reconstruction Project.  This project will include replacement of the underground utilities and reconstruction of the roadway and sidewalks on Fleet Street.  The City has hired Portsmouth-based engineering consultant, Underwood Engineers, to complete this work.

DPW is hosting a public input meeting on the upcoming utility inspections. For details and Zoom registration for the Nov 10 meeting, click here.

While the project is focused on Fleet Street from Hanover Street to Court Street, a larger area will be studied in the initial phases of engineering so that the utilities and other improvements can be properly designed.  A map of the study area is shown below:

Fleet Street Area Utility Study Map

Fleet Street Project Area (not to scale)

For this map to scale, click here.

Upcoming Public Meetings

DPW hosted the first Public Information Meeting on the project, via Zoom, on September 9. For the recording of the meeting, click here.

Public Outreach

The City would like to develop a robust contact list for this project to stay in contact with those in the project area for future project communications.

To receive updates on this project, please click here to add your contact information, including which properties in the Fleet Street area affect you. There are spaces for multiple property addresses, as needed.