Fleet Street Area Reconstruction Project


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The City is seeking input from those in the Fleet Street Project Area (map below) regarding what they'd like to see for sidewalk and landscape improvements as part of the project. The City's contractors Underwood Engineers offered some examples of previous streetscape improvements. Among the considerations up for discussion:

  • Pedestrian accommodations and seating
  • Traffic patterns & calming 
  • Landscape & trees 
  • Bike accommodations 
  • Overhead utilities 
  • Parking 
  • Curbing realignments

For more information and to participate in the survey, click here.

Design drawings for Fleet Street reconstruction

For the design presentation (including renderings and schematics) made to the Parking & Traffic Safety Committee on November 15, 2021, click here. (For the Plan View drawings alone, click here.)


The City of Portsmouth is preparing preliminary engineering and conducting field work for the Fleet Street Area Reconstruction Project. This project will include replacement of the underground utilities and reconstruction of the roadway and sidewalks on Fleet Street.  The City has hired Portsmouth-based engineering consultant, Underwood Engineers, to complete this work.

Department of Public Works consultant Flow Assessment Services, LLC has conducted utility surveys of buildings in the area, working with the building owners. Flow Assessment Services is a sub-consultant to the City’s primary project engineering consultant, Underwood Engineers, Inc.

Building utility surveys are important for project planning and design for the following reasons:

  • To identify the number and types of service pipes entering/exiting the building
  • To map the direction of the plumbing discharge flow
  • To maximize the benefit of planned project roadway/drainage/utility improvements to private properties

While the project is focused on Fleet Street from Hanover Street to Court Street, a larger area will be studied in the initial phases of engineering so that the utilities and other improvements can be properly designed.  A map of the study area is shown below:

Fleet Street Area Utility Study Map

Fleet Street Project Area (not to scale)

For this map to scale, click here.

Public Outreach

The City is maintaining a robust contact list for this project to stay in contact with those in the project area for future project communications.

To receive updates on this project, please click here to add your contact information, including which properties in the Fleet Street area affect you. There are spaces for multiple property addresses, as needed.