Gateway Mixed Use Zoning Amendments

September 15, 2017

The Planning Board is currently considering zoning amendments to allow for a mix of residential and nonresidential development in some of the City’s primary corridor areas and to increase the diversity of housing types. 

The proposed Gateway Mixed Use District amendments include two new zoning districts: Gateway Corridor Mixed Use (G1) and Gateway Corridor Mixed Use Center (G2) in four primary areas:

  1. along the Lafayette Road commercial corridor and extending along Peverly Hill Road to Mirona Road;
  2. Route 1 Bypass near the intersection with Borthwick Avenue;
  3. the I-95 Exit 7 Area; and
  4. outer Woodbury Avenue and Gosling Road.

These new districts and standards are proposed as a new Article (5B) and would replace the existing Flexible Development regulations in Section 10.730 – Gateway Planned Development (GPD) and Section 10.726 – Residential Density Planned Unit Development (RDI-PUD). The new section proposes a formed-based zoning approach to guiding development that is similar to standards adopted for the Character Districts for the Downtown and West End.

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