Demolition Ordinance

The City's Demolition Ordinance provides a local review process for proposed demolition of privately-owned buildings and structures of historic, architectural and cultural value.  All projects proposing to demolish a portion of a building or structure must obtain a demolition permit from the Inspection's Department.  Once the application has been submitted, most projects will be subject to a minimum 30-day review period as outlined in the Ordinance.

The following demolitions are exempt from the review process:

  • Demolition of a building or structure that has been granted a Certificate of Approval by the Historic District Commission or has been approved for demolition in association with a project approved, following a public hearing, by either the Planning Board or the Board of Adjustment.
  • Demolition of any “dangerous building” that has been ordered to be demolished pursuant to Chapter 14, Article I, Section 14.109(C).
  • Minor demolition projects, as determined by the Code Official, that are not located in the Historic District, including but not limited to chimneys, decks, porches, steps, small outbuildings or other similar design features.
  • Removal of partial roof components for vertical expansion such as dormers or skylights on structures that are not located in the Historic District.

Questions about the Demolition Ordinance and local review process can be directed to the Planning Department at 603-610-7216.