Portsmouth decided as a community with the completion of the 2005 Master Plan to become more "Green" -- sustainable and ecologically friendly -- in order to safeguard its future. With that mindset, the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Sustainable Practices advised the City Council to declare Portsmouth an Eco-Municipality. The City Council voted unanimously in 2007 to follow the recommendation and signed a resolution which fully acknowledges Portsmouth's commitment and desire to become more sustainable. The City is now following four sustainability principles from The Natural Step by making thoughtful, insightful decisions that will benefit the community as a whole. 

  • Reduce dependence upon fossil fuels and extracted underground metals and minerals;
  • Lessen the need for chemicals and other manufactured substances that can accumulate in nature;
  • Decrease activities that harm life-sustaining eco-systems; and
  • Meet the hierarchy of present and future human needs fairly and efficiently.

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