North Mill Pond Trail and Greenway

aerial view of project area


This project seeks to create a linear greenway and community park along the North Mill Pond in Portsmouth. The greenway will include a multi-use path for use by bicycles and pedestrians extending from Bartlett Street to Market Street with a brief on-road portion along Maplewood Avenue.  Between Bartlett Street and Maplewood Avenue, the greenway will include scenic lookouts and seating areas along the path.  Between Maplewood Avenue and Market Street, the greenway will include a 1-acre community park accessible from Vaughan Street via a public access easement across private property.  With the exception of the 1-acre community park, all of the land in the proposed linear greenway is currently owned by private entities and will require land easements or acquisition by the City.  For this reason, the construction of this greenway and park is anticipated to be done as a public/private partnership.

draft concept