Portsmouth Water Division Releases October 2017 Water Supply Status Report

October 10, 2017

Portsmouth’s Water Division issues a monthly Water Supply Status Report to keep customers appraised of the current water supply conditions. This resource provides customers detailed information on any potential water restrictions, demand, precipitation, groundwater levels, river flows and reservoir levels to make customers aware not only of the current conditions but to also bring awareness to their water use.

According to the October report, there are no water use restrictions at this time. The total precipitation over past three months was 3.30 inches below normal for this time of year, however, the past twelve months yielded an amount equivalent to the 30-year average. Groundwater levels, reservoir levels and river flow rates are within typical ranges for this time of year.

The Water Division continues to ask water customers to please use water wisely, minimize waste, and incorporate water efficient fixtures and appliances whenever possible. In an effort to support this goal, the City offers all residential water customers rebates for the installation of low-flow toilets and high-efficiency washing machines. More details can be found in the Public Works Billing Information section of the City’s website.

Additional updates and tips regarding water efficiency can be accessed here

Water operations staff continue to assess the supply conditions and will provide updates at least monthly.

October Water Supply Status