Weekend work to continue periodically at Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility

April 13, 2018

The City plans to continue to authorize Saturday and/or Sunday construction work to take place on the Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade.  This is a continuation of weekend work that was authorized throughout the winter depending on the weather. The scheduling of weekend construction work will be determined weekly based on work sequencing, the weather and public events. Information will be included on the weekly updates for construction on the City’s project website. The work will be limited to activities and equipment that do not generate excessive amounts of noise. Some of the equipment in use on-site will use required back-up safety beepers. Work is limited to activities on-site and will not generate any large construction vehicle traffic on public roadways.

The Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade began in September 2016 and is currently on schedule to meet required deadlines.

Please contact Terry Desmarais, City Engineer, at 766-1421 with any questions.

Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility