Aldrich Road Traffic Calming

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Project completed in 2021.


The City of Portsmouth prioritizes convenient, safe and accessible streets and roadways for all transportation users. As traffic safety issues arise, the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program provides a mechanism for neighborhood groups to work with the City. It is intended to ensure that all neighborhood stakeholders are provided the opportunity to be involved.

Residents have appealed to the City's Parking & Traffic Safety (PTS) Committee to work with them to implement some traffic calming measures to slow traffic speeds on Aldrich Road. At the request of the PTS Committee, City staff held a neighborhood meeting on February 23, 2021 to review some potential measures for consideration.

The project was discussed at the May 6 Parking & Traffic Safety Committee meeting. Click here for a recording of that meeting.

For additional speed data from the DPW speed recorder, see documents in the right-hand column. They are from the Islington end of Aldrich and from the Boss Ave end.