Felony Lane Gang / Arrest Warrant

February 1, 2018

The Portsmouth Police Department has active arrest warrants for:


DOB: 03/09/80

1230 Alsup Drive

Rockledge, FL

REVELS is being charged with the following crimes:

3x Forgery (B Felony)

2x Theft by Deception (B Felony)

2x Identify Fraud (A Felony)

3x Receiving Stolen Property (Misdemeanors)


After a lengthy investigation by the Investigative Division, REVELS was identified as a suspect in two (2) incidents occurring in Portsmouth on December 20, 2017 and January 17, 2018. REVELS is alleged to have used stolen identification documents to cash, or attempt to cash, stolen checks at local banks under an assumed identity. REVELS is believed to be affiliated with the FELONY LANE GANG (FLG), which is a nationwide crime group who “target moms.” The FLG’s calling card is breaking into vehicles, stealing purses, and using the stolen ID’s, credit cards, and debit cards to complete fraudulent check transactions at banks. The FLG generally operate in groups with surveillance and counter surveillance units. Women are generally used to cash the stolen checks and often adorn wigs and drive rental vehicles with stolen license plates. The transactions generally occur in bank Drive-Thru’s, where distance and disguise help to make transactions successful.


The Portsmouth Police Department remains committed to working these cases to their end and these warrants are proof of that pursuit. As a reminder, these crimes occur because the purses are left in vehicles. Locked doors, closed windows, and trunks are not enough to stop these crimes. They have and will continue to use force to enter your vehicle. Minimize your potential exposure by reducing the sensitive information you carry on your person or leave unattended.


REVELS is currently in custody in New York for criminal charges in their jurisdiction. The Portsmouth Police Department is working in conjunction with the Rockingham County Attorney’s Office to extradite REVELS to New Hampshire and continue to work with numerous law enforcement agencies in New England on similar investigations.


If you have any information concerning this investigation, Portsmouth Police are asking you contact Detective Seth Tondreault at (603) 610-7613

Roseann Revels