World Language Department

About the World Language Team

Our World Language Department provides basic through advanced instruction in French, Italian and Spanish (Levels 1-6) along with 2 electives taught in English: African Studies and Fiesta, Folklore and Film. Our department also includes ESOL (English as Speakers of Other Languages) by which we have an array of students from numerous countries who are an important part of the Clipper Community. 

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Meet Our Teachers

  • Helaine Wemple (  Spanish 1-6, Service Learning
  • Tara Hebert (  Spanish 1-6, Fiesta, Folklore, Film
  • Meg Martin (  Spanish 1-6, Fiesta, Folklore, Film
  • Kristen Artinano (  Spanish 1-6, Italian 1
  • Betsy Kelleher (  ESOL Teacher, Spanish 1-2
  • Immaculee Niwemugeni (  French 1-6, African studies
  • Jeannette McMaster (  French 1-6
  • Joseph Marquette(  Italian 1-6, Elementary Italian 

About Our Classrooms

It is common to see “deskless” classrooms in the world language wing. Part of our pedagogy of acquisition driven instruction is to create an interactive and engaging learning experience. The purpose of  “deskless” is to open opportunities for movement - forming quick groups, making different partners, using the space to act out scenes from a book, dance to latin music or play running dictation (a favorite ADI game). When writing is necessary, most rooms have desks along the walls that they can use, or some classes go to the cafeteria. Students also have personal whiteboards for quick writes or drawing activities. 

About Our Courses

Our World Language Department provides basic through advanced instruction in French, Italian and Spanish (Levels 1-6). We use a proficiency model in teaching modern world languages called Acquisition Driven Instruction. Students concentrate on the essential language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in the target language.  Students acquire the language through interactive and engaging activities, novels, and conversation, emulating as much an immersion experience as possible. Students also study in depth cultural aspects of that language and countries where it is spoken. Each level builds on previous knowledge of the language. Grammar is introduced at each level, then repeats and deepens as you move to the next level. Levels 5 and 6 are considered honors level courses that focus on more abstract concepts, complex structures and in-depth cultural studies. 

Additional Support Opportunities

Since each level builds on the previous level, it is recommended that you receive a B or higher to move to the next level. If you received a C and would like to move on, we recommend tutoring. Any teacher can recommend an upper level student to tutor a lower level student during Flex or recommend an outside tutor. Talk to your teacher for more information. 

Department Highlights

Seal of Biliteracy - Our State is a better place because of the rich cultural and linguistic assets of our students. This state and national award program allows districts to acknowledge the achievements of New Hampshire’s bilingual students with an official diploma seal, an honors cord to wear at graduation and a keepsake medal or pin, and/or award certificate. Upon successful completion of the Seal of Bi-literacy requirements, a notation is also made on the student’s official transcript as a signal to future employers or to institutions of higher education. The NH Department of Education and the State Seal of Biliteracy Committee determine the requirements. (NH Seal)

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Trip Opportunities - Each language offers an international trip either annually or every other year. Most trips are only offered to students taking that language, but there are some exceptions. Trips are usually announced at the end of the school year prior to the year the trip will take place. Past world language department trips include: Italy, France, Morocco, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico and Peru.

Club Opportunities - our department offers French Club, Italian Club and Spanish Immersion Club which all meet during Flex