Winter Sports Update

In our November 20th newsletter we announced winter sports would be able to start skills and drills practices, with decisions about interscholastic play to be based on levels of community transmission. Specifically, we said we would allow interscholastic play if the level of transmission was defined as minimal by DHHS, with a test positivity rate of less than 2% (as were the conditions during the fall season). As we approach the beginning of the competitive season, our numbers are not yet within that range, so we will be postponing any competitive play until January 21st at the earliest. Currently in Rockingham County, our 7 day test positivity rate is at 8.6%, declining from a high of 14.8% on December 8th, but still higher than the 7.1% on November 20th. Other guidance on DHHS levels of community transmission can be found at: We will update these decisions as community transmission factors change.

Winter Tryouts Information

Boys Basketball - Starts 12-14, Freshman/SO : 3:45-5:15 PM, JR/SR : 5:15-6:45 PM– Use Door # 9
Head Coach - John Mulvey

Girls Basketball—Starts Monday Dec. 14th , 6:30 PM. Use Door # 9
Head Coach - Tim Hopley

Boys Ice Hockey—Starts Monday December 14th, 4”45 PM at Jackson’s Landing.
Head Coach - Tom Ferguson

Girls Ice Hockey - Contact Coach Long for more information.
Head Coach - Jamie Long

Alpine Ski - starts in January, contact Coach Harrison for more information.
Head Coach - Kyle Harrison

Wrestling—Starts Monday Dec. 14th, 4:30 PM in the PHS Cafeteria—Use Door #18
Head Coach - Randy Whisler

Indoor Track—Starts Monday Dec. 14th, 3:45 PM—Boys use Door #11, Girls meet outside on track.
Head Coaches - Mike Lyford & Stan Lyford

Swimming - To start in January. Please contact coaches for more information.
Head Coaches - Allie McGrimley and Amanda Dakowicz

Winter Cheerleading—Starts Tuesday Dec. 15th, 4:30 PM in the PHS Auditorium. Use Door #11
Head Coaches - Whitney Corcoran and Samantha Freni

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Sports Qualifying Physical Form

Before taking the field, every athlete must submit a Sports Qualifying Physical History form to ensure that they are fit for participation.

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PHS Athletic Handbook

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Parent Talks to A Child Before the First Game

This is your first game, my child. I hope you win.
I hope you win for your sake, not mine.
Because winning is nice.
It's a good feeling.
Like the whole world is yours.
But it passes, this feeling.
And what lasts is what you've learned.
That's what sports is all about. Life.
The whole thing is played out in an afternoon.
The happiness of life.
The miseries. The joys. The heartbreaks.
There's not telling how you'll do.
You might be a hero or you might be absolutely nothing.
There's just no telling.
Too much depends on chance.
On how the ball bounces.
I'm not talking about the game, my child.
I'm talking about life. But it's life that the game is all about.
Just as I said. Because every game is life.
And life is a game. A serious game. Dead serious.
But that's what you do with serious things.
You do your best. You take what comes. And you run with it.
Winning is fun. Sure. But winning is not the point.
Not giving up is the point.
Never being satisfied with what you've done is the point.
Never letting up is the point.
Never letting anyone down is the point.
Play to win. Sure. But lose like a champion.
Because it's not winning that counts.