Social Studies Department

About the Social Studies Team

The Social Studies department is composed of nine experienced educators with backgrounds in US and world history and cultures, as well as other social sciences such as economics, sociology, and psychology. This team recently worked collaboratively to develop the new US history courses, We the People and Conflict and Resolution.  We continue to strive to provide dynamic, high-interest courses for students, including a wide array of electives.  To view our course listings, please visit the Program of Studies Website.  

Meet Our Team

  • Sara Carpenter (  History and Literature of Sports - Psychology - Sociology - American Studies II
  • Maya Glos (, Glos Teacher Landing Page 2023-24):  Current Issues - Modern America - Another View - World Wars - Cold War - American Studies II
  • Dana Gray (, Gray Landing Page):  Psychology - Sociology - GPS - Conflict and Resolution
  • Andrew Haemker (, Haemker_LandingPage_Aug2023): GPS - We the People - Economics - Microeconomics (EC) - Macroeconomics (EC) 
  • Allison McGrimley (On sabbatical leave 2023-2024); (, McGrimley Landing Page (SP 23)): GPS - We the People - Conflict and Resolution - Holocaust Studies
  • Shannon Parsons (, S ParsonsTeacher Landing Page):  GPS - Conflict and Resolution - Modern Middle East - World Religions - Cold War
  • Jacqueline Sausville (,Sausville Teacher Landing PageSausville Site):  GPS - Conflict and Resolution
  • Sam Tombarelli (, Tombarelli Landing Page 2023-2024):  We the People - You and the Law - Modern US History (EC) - GPS
  • Michelle Wheeler (, Landing Page Wheeler 23-24):  We the People - Conflict and Resolution - You and the Law- Another View - Holocaust Studies
  • Cynthia Young, Department Head (  GPS - We the People - Ancient and Modern Western Civilization (EC) - Art, Architecture, and Fashion - Art and Architecture of Empires - Cold War - Modern US History (EC)

About Our Classrooms

Our classrooms each have overhead projectors and make use of the school library resources. All classes teach non-fiction reading, analytical writing, and research skills. Students engage in a variety of discussions, debates, and research projects and papers. 

About Our Courses

The Portsmouth Social Studies Department provides students with an understanding of the persistent themes, concepts and issues in history and the social sciences as well as an awareness of current issues and challenges facing the community, state, nation, and world. The core of our program centers on offering students a diverse background in civics, economics, geography, and history.  We aspire to prepare active global citizens and participants in our democratic society.

The Social Studies Department offers juniors and seniors an opportunity to participate in Honors and Dual Enrollment (college-level) programs. Dual Enrollment United States History (11-12), Dual Enrollment Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (11-12), and Dual Enrollment Ancient and Modern Western Civilization (11-12) are designed for students who desire advanced study and who wish to complete college work while in high school. Requirements include summer reading and essay assignments. 

Additional Support Opportunities

Students are encouraged to meet with teachers during FLEX to get extra help with writing assignments or any other work that needs to be completed.

Department Highlights

We offer cross-disciplinary courses such as the History and Literature of Sports and Holocaust Studies with the English department. We host a number of different clubs, including History Club, Italian Club, Model UN, and Philosophy Club.