English Department

About the English Team

The English Department is composed of eleven experienced educators who have spent the majority of their careers devoted to the teaching of reading, writing, and the students of Portsmouth Schools. Many teachers are involved in the National Council of Teachers of English and New Hampshire Council of Teachers of English. This dynamic team works collaboratively to design a 4 year journey that engages students and invites meaningful experiences for all.  To view our course listings, please visit the Program of Studies Website.  


Meet Our Teachers

  • David Drukker(ddrukker@sau52.org) English 9, 10,  Film Studies, Graphic Novels, Hero’s Quest, Public Speaking, Real World English
  • Katherine Fitzpatrick (kfitzpatrick@sau52.org) English 9, 10, Monster Literature, Shakespeare, British Literature, Research Skills 
  • Patrick Ganz (pganz@sau52.org; Teacher Landing Page):  English 10, 1960s Lyrics as Literature, Shakespeare 
  • Brendan Harrington (bharrington@sau52.org):  English 9, 10, Mythological and Biblical Allusions, Holocaust Studies, Classical Mythology, Literary West, Grammar and Writing
  • Kyle Harrison (kharrison@sau52.org):  English 9 and 11, Film Studies, History and Literature of Sports, Short Story and Poetry, Creative Writing
  • Joseph Kraus (jkraus@sau52.org):  English 9, Debate, Expository Writing, Creative Writing 
  • Kiara Krukoff (krukoff@sau52.org):  English 9 and 10, Film Studies, Creative Writing 
  • Laura LaVallee(llavallee@sau52.org, Teacher Landing Page):  English 11, Memoir, Rebels, Misfits & Outsiders, Project Read, Great Works
  • Joanne Mainella* (jmainella@sau52.orglong term sub for 23-24 school year):  English 9, 10 and 11 
  • Lisa McAllister, Department Head (lmcallister@sau52.org, Teacher Landing Page):  English 11, Dual Enrollment Intro to Literature, Food Writing, Transcendentalism, Capstone, Research Skills Creative Writing 
  • Audrey McBride (amcbride@sau52.org, Check out The PaperClip):  English 9, 10, 11, Journalism Creative Writing 


About Our Classrooms

English classrooms are equipped with projectors and classroom libraries composed of high interest reading material.  Often times students can be seen discussing and sharing ideas as they work through challenging content in literature and nonfiction. 


About Our Courses

The English Department offers a strong coordinated program in reading and writing. In grades 9 and 10 students must take a semester-long English course that focuses equally on writing and literature study. English 11 consists of one required term of English and then one term of a chosen elective.  Senior electives offer courses in writing and literary studies. All students must complete one credit of English during each school year. Students are encouraged to balance courses so they get equal experience in writing and literary studies.  


Additional Support Opportunities

Students are encouraged to meet with teachers during FLEX to get extra help with writing assignments or any other work that needs to be completed. 


Department Highlights

The English Department is home to two of the school's student publications, Epitome, our school’s literary magazine and The Paper Clip, our student newspaper. We are also proud of our award winning Debate Team.  The English Department hosts many clubs which relate to our curriculum including the Debate Club, Poetry Club, Creative Writing Club, Film Club as well as movie making club.