Career Technical Education Center

This page has been replaced with the new Portsmouth CTE Website.  Please visit the site for the latest information about and updates.

CTE provides students with skills, technical knowledge, academic foundation and real-world experience they need to prepare for high-skill, high-demand, high-wage careers. CTE is organized by a national framework called career clusters, which presents a complete range of related career pathways to students of all ages. Career pathway exploration engages and empowers students to direct their education in a manner that leads to success in high school, college and their chosen careers.  


Career and Technical Education organizes programming into 16 career clusters that lead to 79 career pathways These pathways break down into the occupations identified by the US Department of Labor.  Here at PHS-CTE, we prepare students for these specific career clusters within our program offerings:


Students will continue their paths after graduation as they transition into the next stage of their career development.  Post-graduation paths include:

  • College pathway-- connecting your degree & major selection with a career passion.
  • Employment pathway-- connecting your career passion with a job or apprenticeship after high school
  • Training pathway-- connecting your career passion with more training (trade school, professional school, certifications, associates programs at the community colleges)
  • Exploration pathway-- connecting your career passions to a gap or deferral year, travel, interning, service learning abroad, etc.