Vendor’s License

City Clerk Issues the following Licenses and Permits

Below is the steps needed to complete the permit process:

  1. Application: Please complete the "Hawkers and Peddlers Application" in its entirety. 
  2. Certificate of Insurance – Issued by an insurance company with the policy length based on the length of the permit or if policy requires renewal prior to the expiration date of the permit, the applicant is required to provide an updated policy prior to expiration date.  Coverage minimums are $1,000,000 for Personal Injury and Property Damage and the City of Portsmouth must be listed as Certificate Holder and Additionally Insured with vending as the specified activity in the Description of Operations section. 
  3. Photograph of Stand/Motor Vehicle: A photograph of the stand or motor vehicle must be submitted. 
  4. Fee: The annual fee due is $250.00 with a permitting season commencing July 1st of each year.   The fee cannot be pro-rated.
  5. Health Food Permit (if applicable): To apply for a local health food permit you will need to contact the Health Department at (603)610-7238.

    *PLEASE NOTE: Health Food Permits for sidewalk food carts art issued for the period of April 15th through October 15th only.

  6. State Hawkers and Peddlers Permit: The State of New Hampshire no longer issues this permit and therefore is not required.
  7. Picture Identification: In person, we can make a photocopy of valid picture identification. If submitting by mail, please include a photocopy of valid picture identification with application and other required submissions.
  8. Submission: If you are appearing in the office to submit your application, please be sure to have your identification, payment, Insurance Certificate and a copy of your State License and Food Permit for our records. You are welcome to apply via mail with all the required information, payment, and ensure to include a copy of the State License and Food Permit and a photocopy of your identification.


Revised: 05/31/2013.