Cable and Broadband Internet Commission

The Commission has the authority to establish standing subcommittees on matters pertaining to the operation and performance of cable companies within the City. The Commission meets as often as deemed appropriate and necessary to ensure the proper operation of the Franchise Agreement. (5 members, 1 alternate; 2-year term initial appointment, 3-year terms for reappointment) For further information please contact Suzanne Woodland (603) 610-7204.

The Commission conducted a short online customer satisfaction survey in April 2023 to assess how well the City’s current cable TV service provider is doing in order to inform their work. There were 508 responses, of whom 98.8% were Portsmouth residents. For the findings of that survey including quantitative responses and a selection of comments organized by theme and for clarity and length, go to: FINAL Cable Survey and Comments 2023.09.21.pdf (

In addition, in response to questions raised in some of the comments and to manage residents’ expectations regarding the City’s limited ability to influence pricing and packaging, the Commission formulated answers to Frequently Asked Questions to explain the scope of the Commission’s authority. 

the Cable Television Renewal Franchise Agreement for the term March 1, 2019 through February 29, 2024


Commission Members

  • Amrishi Chicooree
  • Robert Capone
  • Luis Rodiguez
  • Jeff Abrams
  • Gary Lowe
  • 1 Alternate Vacancy

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