Citizens Advisory Committee

Since the 1970's, federal Community Development Block Grant projects aimed to support persons who earn very low- to moderate- incomes have worked to develop viable urban communities by:

  • Creating decent affordable housing and a suitable living environment
  • Providing services to the most vulnerable in our communities
  • Improving accessibility to public places and facilities
  • Expanding economic opportunities
  • Responding to disasters or significant crises

In Portsmouth, the Community Advisory Committee, comprised of volunteers, hears from community members and stakeholders about community needs and makes recommendations for grant funding priorities that support very low- to moderate-income individuals and families. Check out some of our projects here!


The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is the advisory board for the City of Portsmouth's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to primarily support Portsmouth individuals and families earning low incomes or living in low income areas of the city. Its role is to advise the City on emerging community needs and facilitate public involvement in the CDBG program planning process. For further information, please contact Community Development Director Elise Annunziata at (603) 610-7281.

General Information


CDBG funds must be used to primarily 1) benefit individuals and families who earn very low, low or moderate incomes; 2) improve neighborhoods in which over 51% of the residents earn very low, low or moderate incomes; and 3) improve accessibility for people with disabilities. The Portsmouth CDBG program is funded by U.S Housing & Urban Development.


Contact Elise Annunziata, Community Development Director at 603-610-7281 if any questions about the CDBG program or email

Citizens Advisory Committee Members
Hannah Meade, Chair 29 Sutton Avenue
Kirsten Barton 49 Ridges Court
Kelly DeCourcy 100 Meadow Road
Susan Durling 389 New Castle Avenue
Annelise Hartley 452 Richards Avenue