Property Tax Collection

Important Dates 

  • The 1st Issue Property Tax Installment Bills were mailed on November 19, 2021 and are due 30 days after that mailing date, or December 20, 2021, The first installments are due in December each year, and are equal to one-half of the total property tax year amount. Bills are mailed in October/November after the NH Department of Revenue Administration sets the municipal tax rates.  Tax bills are due no earlier than December 1 and at least 30 days after the bill mailing date.
  • The 2nd Issue Installments are due June 1
  • Property Tax Liens - In accordance with State law, property tax liens are executed in late August on any properties which have unpaid current year property taxes.



View Your Bill and/or Pay Your Property Taxes Online


Partial payments and pre-payments are accepted and encouraged.

Pursuant to State law, interest at the rate of 8% is charged on all past-due property taxes, and 14% interest is charged on all property tax liens.  If you are unable to pay your property taxes or tax lien in full, making partial payments will benefit you by reducing the total interest that must be paid.  Upon receiving your partial payment, the Tax Collector's Office will mail you a receipt showing how your payment was applied and the remaining balance due - which you may then use as a reminder for your next payment.  You may also schedule partial payments or pre-payments online.


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