*Everyone must fill out a registration form before entering the facility

Single Entry/Splash Pass

Age 5 & under

Resident: $3.00

Non-resident: $5.00

Ages 6 - 60

Resident: $5.00

Non-resident: $10.00

Senior (60 or older)

Resident: $3.00

Non-resident: $5.00

10-pack Splash Pass

Resident: $40.00

Non-resident: $70.00



Membership Monthly Fee

*A one-time $25 administrative processing fee is added for new memberships (waived for continuing members). Memberships can be purchased annually (based on calendar year) or monthly through recurring billing.

Adult (18 or older)

Resident: $25.00

Non-resident: $ 45.00

Senior (60 or older)

Resident: $ 20.00

Non-resident: $ 25.00

Student (under 25, full-time)

Resident: $ 20.00

Non-resident: $ 25.00

Youth (under 18)

Resident: $ 15.00

Non-resident: $ 20.00


Resident: $ 40.00

Non-resident: $ 70.00


Resident: $ 60.00

Non-resident: $ 80.00


*Active military are considered residents for memberships.

*City of Portsmouth Employees receive a 50% on their individual membership.

*Non-resident Portsmouth taxpayers receive the average rate between resident and non-resident rates.



Fitness Class Fees

Member: Free

Non-Member: $ 10.00


Portsmouth residents get discounted rates by showing their currents driver's license with Portsmouth address. The pool does not accept auto registration, pieces of mail or utility bills as proof of residency. For a policy explanation and other options (if you have recently moved), please call the pool at (603) 427-1546.



If you wish to cancel your membership you may do so by filling out the Membership Cancellation Form.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation forms must be received at least 15 days prior to the first day of the month you wish to terminate. (For example, forms be received no later than January 15th in order for your membership to be cancelled by February 1st.)